Hi! My name Martin, I am an Englishman and married. I really enjoy collecting vintage watches. I have been collecting for seven years now. The watches on this site are not for sale; this site is for information only. I have an eclectic collection of watches. The only real theme if any, is that I like 1970’s designs. Having said that, I will buy any watch that I like at the time. I am not a brand snob nor do I collect as an investment; it is purely for pleasure and the love of watches. All my watches are affordable for most people. My other hobbies include cars, VW Campers, F1, reading and video gaming but unfortunately I do not have the time for all of them these days.


My grandfather was a watchmaker. I regret never getting to know him, as he died when I was a child. I have always loved watches – the wondrous mechanical devices that measure time, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I inherited my grandfather’s watch, a 1949 Omega, after my father died. Therefore I do have a soft spot for Omega. The dial had some wear, as you can see in my picture. My research on whether I should I restore the dial or keep it original was the catalyst that started my watch collecting eight years ago. (I kept the dial original, by the way.) The rest, they say, is history!

I am active on various watch forums.  I use the name martinzx on all but one forum. The avatar I use on all Half Life forums that allow me to, it’s pictured on the right. It comes from the video game Half-Life 2, in case you are wondering.Half Life

I am always learning regarding vintage watches, and very much enjoying the journey. If there is anything on my blog/website that is inaccurate please let me know. Thank you for taking time to read.

Happy hunting!


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