The Retro Majestyk 2 LED

The Retro Majestyk 2 LED

By Majestyk 2 LED

I bought this Majestyk 2 LED back in May 2016 from Badger on TWFI was very happy to get hold of one as there were only limited number made back in 2006. 500 with the blue LED, and 500 also came in red. The unmistakable watch was the brainchild of Canadian watch enthusiast Jeff ‘Majestyk’ Lockhart. It’s inspiration come from the decade of the ‘Supersonic 1970’s’ if you are too young to remember (I am not).  Imagine a time without playstations, mobile phones, personal computers, dvd’s, ipads, iphones. Where colour TV, shagpile carpets, wooden panel ceilings, formica were the new thing, and LED quartz watches were the watch to own…This is a tribute to those days…But just bigger!
Majestyk 2 LED

The Watch

The Majestyk 2 LED were made in 2006 in a very small number each LED colour was limited to 500. With this limited production run these watches are now very collectable. Everything about this watch I like, it is very substantial in weight 163 grams sized for my 7” in wrist and it is 45mm wide. It is a nod to 1970’s Retro style and design but bigger, chunkier all round and the all stainless steel construction makes it feel very special indeed. Majestyk 2 LED

Design and Function

The lobster shaped integrated bracelet matches perfectly with the design of the watch. The bracelet is brushed steel with polished pushers on both side of the watch. The areas above and below of the watch also polished, most noticeable on pictures 1 and 4. The top right button controls the display. By pressing it once and the current time displays with flashing, between the hour and minutes. Press the button again and the date is displayed. After a third press the seconds are displayed. My only criticism is the bracelet is a little rigid and the size is quite large. The downfall you may ding the case on door jams while wearing. But this has never happened yet.Majestyk 2 LED

The Majestyk came in both Red and blue LED displays. I must say I prefer my blue model, than the  red, even though the red led watches were the first I remember seeing back in the day. The clasp has a double fold down safety clasp with ‘Majestyk’ laser etched into, pictured below with a 1970’s retro back-ground.
Does a 2006 watch deserve to be classed with Vintage watches, well probably not, but with the unique retro design I am prepared to make an exception. Check out my  Citizen’s here…

Majestyk 2 LED

5 thoughts on “The Retro Majestyk 2 LED

  1. I love these watches. I have the Red Display model, picked it up on eBay about a year ago. It one of my favourite watches in my collection, but I’m unable to wear it as the band is quite tight & unfortunately it didn’t come with spare links. I’ve been trying to contact the watch maker to aquire a couple of spare links, but with no luck. I was wondering if you have any information on how to contact him. Any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks. Paul.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I also love these watches! I am sorry you are unable to wear it because the previous owners misplaced/lost the spare links. I also have the box instructions and a few spare links which belong to the watch, I could not separate them sorry. I think Mr Jeff Lockhart sold off all the watches about 5 years ago, I think he sold them off far to cheap, but I am guessing he did this to get some of his investment back. I do not think it was financially viable, which is a shame really, because these watches almost have a cult following among us WISs. Other than join various watch forums and put wanted adds I do not know what else to say, except Good luck!
      Cheers Martin, Happy Hunting!

  2. I would like to buy a Majestyk watch to replace one which was stolen recently and is much missed (prefer M2 but any type would do)

    If anyone is reading this and has one for sale please contact me at congohelium (at) hotmail (dot) com with details. Thanks

    1. Hi, just saw this message, yes I am still seeking a Majestyk watch – please contact me at congohelium at hotmail dot com


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