Omega SMP 2531.80.00

Omega SMP 2531.80.00


The ‘Bond Watch’ is the Omega SMP 2531.80.00. SMP stands for Seamasters Professional. Who does not remember watching their first James Bond film? My first James Bond film was Sean Connery in his last outing in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ in 1971. I think he was wearing a Rolex, Ian Fleming’s the authors choice for his 007 Licenced to kill British spy. The films changed over to Seiko during the Quartz decade of the 1970’s Roger Moore’s Bond.james-bond

James Bond

Omega made its debut in 1997 with Pierce Brosnan’s Bond in Goldeneye, but only in the quartz variation. The mechanical Omega SMP 2531.80.00 Bond Watch, made its debut in 1999 with ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and also starred in ‘The World is not Enough’ in 2001. When Omega got the watch sponsorship for the James Bond films it was a masterstroke of marketing and perfect timing for a company that was perhaps previously floundering.

Because of the lucrative Bond franchising Omega quickly rose to the next level in terms of success and subsequent investment. I believe this enabled Omega considerably in their purchase the patent of the ‘Coaxial Escapement’ from Master English Watchmaker George Daniels.

Omega SMP 2531.80.00

The Omega SMP 2531.80.00 Caliber

When Omega SMP 2531.80.00 mechanical model was introduced it used the Omega 1109. In 1996 Omega replaced it with the Omega 1120 23 jewels, f = 28800 A/h with a power reserve of 47 hours. Omega updated the 1109 to the 1120 to fix a winding flaw and added a rhodium finish to certain parts for extra durability.

1120b1-jpgeditThe watch I purchased is an honest example. It shows a little wear that matches the age of the watch, with no serious dings or scratches. It has the later improved 1120 caliber. Eagle eyed affectionados will notice it is sporting an aftermarket bezel. The original bezels are prone to scratches, therefore it was replaced by the previous owner. I do have the original bezel which was supplied with the watch, and that does makes me happy. Which is pictured below.

The second crown is actually a Helium escape valve, and also has an Omega logo.
Maybe today this feature is available on cheaper watches too, but back in the 1990’s this feature was  only available on high end watches. Kudos Omega!


The Description

The seller informed me the Omega SMP 2531.80.00 dates from 1999 but I do no have the box or papers. The box was available, but I chose a cash discount without the box, thinking I could buy a box later and have some cash left over. But with hindsight I wish I purchased the box. After substantial testing for accuracy the watch gains just over 4.5 seconds a day in various positions on and off the wrist. That is within the COSC parameters, so more good news!

I can honestly say that I have overlooked this watch many times, and not gave it much thought despite its popularity. That is down to my own stubbornness and buying most of my watches online.

Omega SMP 2531.80.00It was not until I had the opportunity to try on the ‘Bond Watch’ that I realized what I have been missing. Size wise it is perfect for my 7” wrist. The watch width is 41mm which is just the sweet spot for me. The weight is substantial, but perfectly balanced with the curved lugs sculpture perfectly around the wrist, holding it firmly in place. Incorporated is a domed anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, with skeleton sword hands and a beautiful waved dial that changes colour from various shades of blue to black depending on light and angle.

The lume is Sublime! I was sold. I did not hesitate in my purchase of this iconic Bond watch.
The down side to the armchair online purchasing, we miss out trying on the watches. Note to self try more watches on before dismissing them!

Omega SMP 2531.80.00The Bracelet

The bracelet is by far the best ever I’ve ever owned on any watch, it is very substantial, robust and secure without being ostentatious. Incorporating solid end links, with a signed clasp with logo and a divers extension. The only negative is it it quite a fiddly to size. The wave pattern continues from the dial to the back case, everything about this watch shouts quality. I think this Bond Omega 2561.80.00 is sublime and deserves all the praise bestowed upon it!

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