Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000

Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000

Vintage Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000 is another 1970’s favourite vintage Omega of mine and represent very good value/quality indeed, these models were released in 1972, with movements of 28,800 beats per hour, that equal 8 beats per seconds that produces the smooth sweep second hand, that is found in very high end watches like Rolex of today, but just for your information Rolex did not release their higher beat models until 5 years later.Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000

These 1000 series movements were Omega last in-house movements made, but they were not without their faults and critics. The fine adjustment screw was not easily adjustable, I think the balance wheel blocked access, so they came in for some criticism at the time. Die hard collectors prefer the previous 500 series of movements, as fitted in my Dynamic MK1. The movement fitted in this model is the 1020 which is 17 Jewels or the 1022 which is 23 Jewels, I am really unsure which as I have not had the back-case off. In my humble opinion these are still fine very watches, and will become the more collectible timepiece of tomorrow, as prices are still very reasonable, so bag one if you get chance you will not regret it.Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000

These models have a quick date change and hacking facility, which mean when the crown is pulled out, the second hand stops so the watch can be set to the exact time. My model has a Spanish day wheel. Also there is a special tool you need to take of the crystal off as they are top loaders. Therefore maybe a good chance, your vintage Cosmic, has not been abused’ or serviced!Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000

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