Seiko 6106-5470

Seiko 6106-5470

A new arrival my second Seiko 6106-5470, this one has a Golden dial, the colour has a hint of green perhaps and yellow, quite a unique colour, the dial it is almost iridescent as it changes shades in the light. This Seiko 6106-5470, is in better condition all round that its blue cousin, the hands, dial, case, hardlex crystal are all excellent, quite amazing as the watch dates from 1974. 6106-5470

As you have probably noticed it is squared cased, a feature I a very fond of, there is a ridge right across the centre of the watch and also in the crystal. The light is not great, I will update with better pictures ASAP.
Seiko 6106-5470

The bracelet and clasp are all original and in really great condition. It has a 23 Jewel automatic 6106 movement day/date, it does not wind but starts up, as soon as picked up. The case has minimum wear it has not been polished, edges are ding free, sharp and straight. A lot of watch for a little money!
Seiko 6106-5470

TV dial indices which are typical of the 1970’s period, the day wheel has a black background with white letters, and the date wheel the colours are reversed. Not just aesthetically pleasing, also helps reading the day/date.

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3 thoughts on “Seiko 6106-5470

  1. Hi Martin. I recently found one of these watches in a junk shop for just a few pounds (yes, I’m in the UK!). The crystal was really grotty but I eventually sourced some in the States and they are on their way to me (I bought 2 so i’d have a spare). Any idea how you get the back off this watch? I’m afraid to use brute force? Any help appreciated – hugh

  2. Hi Hugh, to remove the back-case it is a little tricky the first time because the it is not just the back-case you remove but actually the watch movement itself, as it attached to the back-case. First you need to release the bracelet clasp pin so you have full access to the back of the watch. Then you will see two groves to the right of the back-case near the bracelet connection you need to place an appropriate tool or lever into both grooves at the same time and apply pressure until the case moves, then switch to the opposite side and apply pressure until the case becomes free. I would consider applying masking tape to minimise scratching. It sounds harder than it actually is. Good luck & let me know how you get on.
    Cheers Martin

  3. When looking for the model Seiko 6106 – 5470 I’ve seen your Seiko watches. I myself inherited this model from my father-in-law. Unfortunately the gilding of the housing at the edges was already worn out and therefore optically unappealing. I thought, if I gilded the case again, this watch could be a real gem. So I have the defective gilding abraded and the edges somewhat rounded. Then the case was newly gilded and looks now really noble. When you give me your mailadress i can send some photos.

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