Seiko 6119-5460

Seiko 6119-5460

My latest addition a Vintage Seiko 6119-5460, these 6119 models offer great value for the vintage watch collector, if you bide your time you can find late 1960’s early 1970’s models in excellent condition for very little money. Made in decades where the quality really counts, ball-bearing rotor, Diafix combined settings for escapement wheel, Diashock shock protection guarantees enough resistance against shocks, when the watch is accidentally knocked or dropped. Today this type of shock protection is only on Seiko’s higher end models. Amazing!!
Seiko 6119-5460
Seiko 6119-5460, Japan-A, all Stainless Steel, Water Resistant – steel hidden crown, plastic crystal, monoshell case: the case is pressed together with crystal and gasket into the bezel with four spring locks. The watch dates August 1974.
Seiko 6119-5460

Dial: Seiko 5, Automatic, 21 Jewels, Japan 6119-5530R – metal blue glazed, changing two-tone effect, applied logos and markers with luminous inlays
Seiko 6119-5460

This is one of the most successful Seiko movements it was launched in the late 1960’s: Caliber 6119. Over the years, it evolved in three versions, with 6119A being the oldest. Caliber 6119A can easily be identified by the two screws, which hold the rotor. The later calibers 6119B and 6119C hold the rotor only with a thick center screw.This model has the 6119C, Seiko Japan, 21 Jewels; Diashock – The Seiko 6119-5460 does not manual wind, sophisticated excenter self-winding mechanism with just one gear stage, ball-bearing rotor, Diafix combined settings for escapement wheel, Diashock shock protection. Day: Japanese/English, quickset by pushing the crown in deep Date: quickset by pushing the crown in less deep.

Video by: Yodchai Pheart

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