Seiko Landmaster SBBW005

Seiko Landmaster SBBW005


Recently I had the opportunity to purchase this Seiko Landmaster SBBW005, it could not come at a worse time. As I had just purchased several watches.  Even though I really wanted the watch I did not give in to the temptation, at first. The advertised price was quite reasonable.  In addition, the previous owner had imported the watch from Japan.

Seiko Landmaster SBBW005
I was very surprised to see it hanging around for a few days as I thought it would sell quickly. After a substantial discount was offered by the seller, I quickly pulled the trigger. The disappointment at the lack of my conviction for not being more disciplined regarding my watch spending, quickly evaporated after I received the watch.

The Watch

The Seiko Landmaster SBBW005 has a substantial weight, due to it being all stainless steel (the later models being made of titanium). The dial has an amazing weaved texture look with lovely applied baton markers. I particularly like the 12 o’clock marker it almost looks like a shield, with a day/date function, (only 2 of the Landmaster’s have this feature).

Seiko Landmaster SBBW005

Originally the AGS (Auto Generating System) kinetic function was for 3 days only, the later models progressed to 7 days, and finished up to with a maximum of 6 months. My Landmaster had been already updated to the 6-month capacitor by Seiko. The paperwork for the modification was included in the sale.

Seiko Landmaster SBBW005

The History

This is the first model in a series of watches known as the ‘Landmaster’ the model was released in 1993. Technically it may not be classed as Vintage by some collectors. But as Vintage is technically a term that is actually correlated to the age of the wine, and with the history of the watch model,  with the watches heritage, it works for me.  The Landmaster range of models was a direct replacement for a range of models known as the ‘Fieldmaster’. The Fieldmaster was a rugged outdoor type of watch. The new ‘Landmaster’ was known for use with explorers, a rugged outdoor watch with any adventure in mind.Seiko Landmaster SBBW005

Explorers that used coined the term ‘King of the Land’  it raised the bar as a survival watch with the new ‘AGS’. This new kinetic system eliminated the need for a battery, not to mention more environmentally friendly. Very capable of handling the elements and had a longer life span. Later models have been endorsed with some epic mountain range journeys. Even though this technology is outdated now, it was cutting edge back in 1993.
The Seiko Landmaster SBBW005 had an AGS system that lasted 3 days or 72 hours, the Landmaster models that were made in the later years had a capacitor that lasted 6 months.
Seiko Landmaster SBB007

Seiko Landmaster SBBW005

The Design

The Landmaster watches were designed by Mr. Ikuo Tokunaga, also mentioned in the Seiko book “A Journey in Time, (click link for a PDF copy) and belonged to the “Master” series of watches including the Scubamaster, Flightmaster, and Landmaster. Mr. Tokunaga calls the Landmaster “a watch worth entrusting your life to”.

Cheers Martin

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