Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990

Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990

Watch Description

Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990 dates from 1966, the gold plate on this model has seen better days, but it is a lovely watch, it looks worse in macro than in the flesh, or I should say on the flesh. Fitted with a 6602 17 Jewel manual wind movement.
Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990

This model incorporates Seiko’s Diashock system, that is fitted to all the Seiko higher quality models, it is one quick way to tell, if your Seiko is higher end, not all model have it written on the dial.

The Seahorse is pictured on the back-case, I only have a poor quality picture at the moment, I will update it in due course.
Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990

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