Omega Mariner MK1

Omega Mariner MK1

Vintage Omega Mariner MK1 quartz from 1976 pictured below. Vintage Omega watches have a great heritage and provide some of the best value to quality ratio, so you get the best bang for your buck. Some of my favourite watches are made by Omega, particularly this one. 

A unique Solid Stainless Steel case with very funky style Stainless steel bracelet, signed clasp and crown, the movement is a Cal 1310, when this watch was released it was one the most expensive Stainless Steel MegaQuartz watches Omega sold, only a few £’s separated it from their most expensive Chronoquartz ‘Albatross’. It feels very high quality and substantial. Sapphire Crystal, water resistant 30m, Vintage Omega Mariner MK1

The Omega logo and Hour markers are applied and the text and minute markers on the dial are lovely and crisp. It features two pushers and a crown. The top pusher controls the second hand. Pushing it repeatedly moves the second hand forward for quickly adding a few second if running slow. Holding it in hacks the second hand. The bottom pusher is for the date so each press advances the date by one day so handy for the shorter months.. The crown provides the used hour and minute settings and day as any other watch in position II but in position I it allows you to quickset the hour hand by moving it forward or backwards one hour at a time, very handy for changing timezone. A watch away ahead of it’s time.DSC08847

They were marketed as ultimate sports watches and the marine association probably results from the OSTAR yacht race in 1976 (Observer Single-handed Trans Atlantic Race). Two of these watches were fixed to the mast and keel of two vessels and neither Mariner lost a second after this extreme event. As this watch is considered sportish it’s quite remarkable not to see a screwdown waterproof caseback. A snapback with red gasket was used, a gasket type which is still common on modern Omegas providing excellent tightness.

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