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Omega f300 198.001
Omega SMP 2531.80.00
Omega Constellation MegaQuartz

Omega ST 366.0848 Seamaster
Omega DeVille
Omega Mariner MK1

Omega Dynamic MK1
Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000
Omega ST 166.0211 Seamaster

Vintage Omega watches have it all for the Vintage Watch Collector in my humble opinion. Their own high quality in-house movements, some excellent designs that will suit most tastes. Including lots of varied movements, hand wind, automatics, chronometers and chronographs most still affordable for the collector, with an amazing heritage.

It is true some of the more collectible watches run into the thousands, but Omega were/are a prolific manufacturer, so there is something available for most collectors. I would advise any potential or seasoned collector to buy the best you can afford within your budget. Even if it means saving a little longer for the better quality example. In the early days I was happy to bag any watch. As time has passed by and my knowledge and hopefully grown, I would advise to pay more for the better condition model. But learning it part of the journey and the joy of collecting. Discerning the crafty tricks that dubious sellers employ, the cobbled together horrors and spotting the redials that seem to be for sale in certain countries like Argentina and India. If you chose well, it is hard to go wrong with an Vintage Omega watch.

Want to know the year your vintage Omega was made, check out the date calendar below.
Omega Date Calendar

Happy hunting Martin!