Vintage Rado


Rado was formed in 1917 and first only made watch movements. The Company was founded by three brothers in the town of Lengnau, Switzerland, under the name Schlup & Co. In 1957 the company was renamed Rado and began making actual watches.

Rado Watch Company was always a company that was anĀ inattive one. Only five years trading as in 1962 Rado watches introduced the world to the first scratch proof watch the ‘Diastar’ and ever since they have carved out a niche in the watch market. With continued innovation in scratch proof technology for wrist watches. They were among the first watch companies to use sapphire crystals, and they introduced ceramics for watch bracelets.

Since its inception, Rado has received more than 30 design awards. Rado is about more than just state-of-the-art materials, as evidenced by their numerous awards for aesthetic design.

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