Vintage Zenith watches are another great opportunity for the Vintage watch collector on a budget. Zenith is a top tier Swiss watch brand, but they are a brand that still can be bought at very affordable prices. I can honestly say Zenith are one of my firm favourites in vintage watches, they have in-house movements that are initiative and superb in quality in every detail.

Vintage Zenith AutomaticThey are many inferior brands out there that sell for much more money, Vintage Zenith watches seem to fly just under the radar of lots of collectors, but for the discerning collector they are treasures. I can wholeheartedly recommend buying Zenith vintage watches, you will not be sorry you did and there are many varied watches to choose from.

Happy hunting!

Please check out the Sub menu for my Vintage Zenith Watches, or click the links below:
Zenith Respirator
Zenith Pilot
Zenith ‘2552’ Dress Watch

Cheers Martin 🙂

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