Seiko A628 LCD

Seiko A628, SPORTS 100, solar cell, from June 1981. I remember looking in shop windows, at similar watches back in day, I left school in 1980, I just left school in 1980 and I could not afford such a watch, so it made me smile to wear this one all these many years later. I remember  the 1980’s with great fondness it was a great decade for me, well most of it  ???? This is probably the secret of most people’s collecting, well it is certainly a big part of mine, the Vintage watch takes us back into times past, where we look back with fondness.
Seiko A628 LCD

The bracelet is not original but the clasp is correct to the time period and maybe the watch, I may well give the bracelet a brush, to give it a better match to the watch. (Look out for another post coming soon, where I will give a basic tutorial, in how to do so). I will try and find a period bracelet to match the watch, but I am no rush to do so, as in in will not spoil the pleasure in wearing it, in the meantime.

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