Orient King Diver

Orient King Diver

I have had this Vintage Orient King Diver for about a month or so, and it is about┬átime I posted it on my site. This is the second Vintage Orient King Diver I have owned, the first one was a little earlier from the early 1970’s with a black face. Like in the picture below.

orient_ad 1This model is from the late 1970’s with a blue face and multi coloured bezel. You can tell the difference between these models as the later blue coloured dial only says KD on the dial instead of King Diver.

Both models come with an automatic day/date movement, earlier models can have the date at 9 o’clock and the day at 3 o’clock. The late 1970’s models are both at 3 o’clock. Those of you who have a keen eye will notice the crystal is cracked, I have a new one on route courtesy of Bruce from TWF,┬áThank-you!


There was a recent influx of these blue KD model on ebay, I think they were models that were made up of New Old Stock parts. Mine pictured is an original model that was retailed in the late 1970’s. The major differences are the hands and the date and day wheel are nicely aged.


The back-cases on Vintage Orient Watches are always nice and this one is no exception, showing off the coat of arms logo which is also embossed on the dial.

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