Vintage Darwil watches represent great value for money, there are a brand of watch that was popular in Italy and the Balkans in the 1960/70/80’s there are very well made and often have a customized ETA movement. This model like lots of Darwil watches  have an Italian day wheel.

DARWIL is a Darwil branded “Tanis Watch”, a Tanis watch made specifically for export. The Darwil trademark was founded and registered by Pierre Caprara / Tanis Watch Factory in Grenchen, Solothurn, Switzerland. Later, the Darwil Watch Company administration moved to Chiasso, Switzerland.

In the communist countries of the Former Yugoslavian State, they were limited brands available and Darwil was certainly one of the medium to high quality brands. This style of watch represent great value, solid stainless steel case, high quality ETA day/date automatic complication and often decorated. VINTAGE DARWIL

A cracking two tone Darwil TV dial with typical applied indices from the period of the 1970’s, even the year is displayed on the dial an Admiral 73, which equals 1973.VINTAGE DARWIL

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