Watch collecting is a funny hobby, I really enjoy it, in the early days I used to flip more than I do today. But like most people I do not have an endless supply of money, so sometime you have to flip one or two, especially if a watch becomes available you have been waiting for. But during that process you tend to make a some mistakes, it sometime turns out the one you flipped is better than the model you just purchased. Occasionally I just needed the money! Here are a few of the ones I do regret letting go…

Citizen 600m Crystron Diver from 1976, a beast of a watch, way ahead of its time. Vintage Citizen Crystron 600 m diver

A Seiko Bellmatic UFO, seemed like a good idea at the time….DSC06222

Seiko 7016-5011, affectionately known as the ‘Monaco’ after the Heuer Monaco.May Pics9I sold it as someone made me an offer I could not afford to refuse, at the time, in fact I used to have two, but this was the better of the two, getting hard to find in great condition.

Also this Vintage Orient World Time, never seen another one since…the bracelet clasp was were original to the watch.Vintage Orient World Time



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