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Seiko Landmaster
Seiko A628 LCD

Seiko 5626-5020 Chronometer
Seiko 7006-8020
Seiko Sea horse 6601-9990

Seiko Sea horse 6602-8990
Seiko 6106-5470 Blue
Seiko 6106-5470 Gold
Seiko 6119-5460
Seiko 7006-8020

Vintage Seiko watches offer tremendous opportunities for the vintage watch collectors on any budget. The range of potential watches is vast, Seiko are a great brand from the humble (but very good) ‘Seiko 5’ to the sublime ‘Grand Seiko’. The Seiko 5 is still made today has been in  production since the 1960’s, the 5 stands for the following features: Seiko 5
1. Shock proof
2. Waterproof/water resistant
3. Displays the date
4. Displays the current day
5. Automatic
There is the odd exception to the rule, in the 1970s Seiko did produce some Quartz models that were called Seiko 5’s but they were short lived. The flagship model the ‘Grand Seiko’ are very high-end dress watches indeed. But there are plenty of models in between, like vintage King Seiko’s, Seiko divers, which are very popular, vintage Seiko alarm watches called ‘Bellmatic’ a mechanical alarm watch from the 1970s which make great collectables, high quality, affordable watches that I see being becoming more collectable, and have the potential to increase in value. There is a plethora of Vintage Seiko’s as I have barely scratched the surface. So if it a humble Seiko 5 or a Diver watch, Alarm watch, Dress watch, Chronograph, or Chronometer, Vintage Seiko’s have it all! vintage seiko diver
An easy way to tell if your vintage Seiko is high quality or just good quality is by looking at the shock protection. Seiko’s system is called Diashock , the higher quality models are easily recognisable by the star shaped jewel cover on the shock protection, if it looks like three pronged cover over the jewel like in the picture on this Bellmatic, it is high quality. The newer two pronged jewel covers the jewel is fitted on the standard Seiko models, like the one in the smaller picture below. This is the quickest way to check the quality of your Vintage Seiko. dsc07715




Want to know how to date your vintage Seiko? Click here.  


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