Dating Vintage Omega Watches

Dating Vintage Omega Watches

It is quite easy dating Vintage Omega Watches via the eight digit serial number of your watch. You can access the serial number by removing the back-case. Here is a picture of a Vintage Omega 601 manual wind movement, the eight digit serial number is below the crown which winds the watch. Dating Vintage Omega Watches

The first two numbers are 23, if we cross reference this number against the Vintage Omega Production Calendar listed below we can clearly date this Vintage Omega to the year 1966 when England last won the world cup! There are many reasons you may want to know the date, you could purchase a watch that was made the year you were born? Or just for reference, or if the watch is an heirloom you just want to know, for history’s sake.


The years listed on the Omega Production Calendar’ are between 1894 – 1989, if the exact year of your watch is not listed, or it is not specific enough you can contact by  leaving a reply at the end of this post and I will do my best to help date it.

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Omega Dynamic MK1
Omega ST 366.0826 Cosmic 2000
Omega ST 166.0211 Seamaster

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